Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just a Thought: Olympic Game

I'm watching the Olympics and I feel like I should have a bingo card with countries so I can mark them off as I see them. Maybe a map that I can color in countries.

You know, in case the Olympics isn't exciting enough.


  1. I thought the new Google Olympics logo was exciting O_o...

  2. Didn't notice that. That is pretty exciting. Though how two people equate to two Os is beyond me.

  3. I would love to have Olympics bingo of some kind. That would be sweet. Or like a fantasy Olympics team. It would add another layer to watching the events.

  4. Fantasy Olympics. That would be sweet. You pick athletes for all the different events in the Olympics and you try to get the best total score. And for team sports you pick teams (or countries).

  5. That's awesome, I wish I had known about before the Olympics started. I would have done it!

  6. Would have been fun. Void - I would have done it too.

    I'm laughing at the creative team names there. The ones that made me laugh are -

    I've Made a Luge Mistake
    Go Miss Cuddles
    Zoe's Zambonis
    Neither Nor. Way.
    Fluffy Lollipops and Cheese
    Flock of Beagles
    Half Pipe Hottie
    Lookin' Like a Fool with Your Skis on the Ground
    Don't Have a Triple Salchow
    Pink Polka-Dotted Fuzzy Bunny Goofballs
    9 + Sven Makes 10


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