Friday, July 16, 2010

The YouTubes

I try to not put up youTube videos much(except StarCraft of course). I don't want to be a youTube blog, I want to be a me blog. Which might not be much better, but at least I don't spam youTube clips. Every once in a while, though, I feel that I should share some of the videos that made be smile. Today, is one of those days.

Double Rainbow

This guy really love this double rainbow.

So, someone made it into a song!

Sax Guy

Someone showed this to me today and it had me laughing my head off. Maybe it was just my friend's comments, but tell me this doesn't make you at least smile.

Ninja Say What?!

Entertaining and it makes a statement.

Horse Race Calls

I work at a horse race track right now, so maybe I just find these overly amusing. The first video is what happens when an announcer can't see a thing.

This second video will make anyone laugh, it's the best horse race call I've ever seen.

And, for good measure, another race call by the same guy, Tom Durkin, with some musical amusement in it.

Amazing Horse

Speaking of horses, here's an amazing one.

THX Lemur

Finally, I leave you with how every movie starts, the THX promo!

Wow, that's a lot of youTube videos. Hopefully, this satiates my urge to share youTube clips for awhile. Hope you enjoyed them.


  1. I use facebook to satisfy my urges to share youtube videos. I'll share videos on my blog that are relevant to what is happening there or what I'm trying to talk about.

    And finally, I save the messed up videos for when friends come to visit.

    Either way, sharing videos shows what you are interested in, and therefore, is a reflection of yourself.

    It IS a way of showing yourself. So be it through sharing videos, writing about it, posting an image, etc etc, they all serve the same function.

  2. Your completely right.

    But I still don't want to post 1 video a day. I think this works for me just fine. I'll build up videos and then shove them onto my blog for those that are interested.


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